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About Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions is about reimagining how people and organizations thrive. We relentlessly pursue solutions for our customers that simplify and enhance work and life through our unique blend of service, technology and data. Working in tandem with our clients, we spark new possibilities and illuminate better health, wealth, HR, finance and consumer experience solutions for organizations, employees and their families.

About Alight Financial Advisors

Alight Financial Advisors is an SEC-registered Investment Advisory firm that provides investment advisory, financial wellbeing and financial education services to employees to help them make informed choices on financial matters in their life. We are independent, fee-based, and are unbiased in our financial guidance and advice. Our goal is to assist employees through education, guidance and advice to help them make the best possible financial decisions when it comes to planning for their future financial needs, goals, and in selecting appropriate investments. We take a long-term viewpoint when it comes to investing and we encourage employees to first establish their needs and goals and then develop a financial plan to accomplish those goals. Often employers offer savings plans and other benefits that can help their employees reach their financial goals. Deciding the level of participation in an employer's savings and benefit plans often requires an honest assessment of current savings habits and future needs. We help employees with those assessments and can suggest future savings rates and appropriate investments to accomplish their goals.

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