Financial Wellbeing

Alight Financial Advisors (AFA) provides tools, resources, and personalized support through Alight Financial Path to help participants achieve a better financial future. Alight Financial Path offers the following services, which may be offered as stand-alone services.

Financial Health Assessment:

The digital assessment is accessed through Alight Worklife. It is a short questionnaire designed to help participants understand their current financial health situation. Users receive personalized action steps they can take to help improve their situation. The financial health assessment can be retaken anytime, showing progress made on their personal financial journey.

Financial planning:

Using online planning software, individuals can create their personalized financial plan to help meet their goals. The tool is supported by our credentialed Advisors who provide financial education and guidance covering different financial topics and circumstances. This personalized service enables participants to take greater control of their financial lives by matching their financial objectives and current assets to a detailed strategy tailored to their specific circumstances. This service considers each individual’s current financial state and cash flow management, tolerance for risk, active employment timeline, individual objectives, and the value of other company-provided benefits.

Financial Education Center:

The Financial Education Center supplies financial education and guidance covering many types of personal financial issues to help participants alleviate financial concerns.

Accessed through Alight Worklife and includes:

  • Articles, videos, and more to help achieve a wide range of financial goals.
  • Personalized tips and tools relevant for personal situations.
  • Phone access to advisors who can answer their questions, guide them to the right resources, and help them act.

Topics in the Financial Education Center include:

  • Wise money management. Articles, videos, and more to help achieve a wide range of financial goals.
  • Debt reduction and creating a budget.
  • Creating a personalized investment strategy.
  • Becoming retirement ready.

Using the digital Financial Education Center with phone support from advisors, participants can obtain the knowledge needed to help achieve their financial goals with greater confidence.

Partner Solutions:

AFA provides access to tools and resources for help with specific financial goals. These solutions provide guidance and help for setting up and maintaining an emergency savings plan, credit monitoring, managing student debt and planning for future educational costs.

Alight Financial Path services are offered by Alight Financial Advisors, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Alight Solutions, LLC Advisors are registered adviser representatives of AFA.